Jakob Hultgren

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Average rating: 3.00

This professor has taught: MATH135, MATH141

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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/12/2019
Good. Not great. Gotta figure out a lot yourself, overall a good guy. Super easy tests.

Expecting an A
Kamicosi 11/26/2019
He's a sweetheart, but an awful lecturer. His lectures usually consist of him writing formulas on the board with very bad explanations. He reads his notes from an IPad, which he spends half the class time staring at in disbelief as if he cannot understand his own notes, which wouldn't be a surpirse considering there have been multiple times this semester that he has given us the wrong formulas and would send out an email the next day correcting his mistakes. In fact, mistake should be Jakob's middle name because he makes at least three in every lecture he gives. You cannot trust this man on anything he says because he messes formulas and explanations up so often that everything he does you can assume will have at least one mistake somewhere. I would be giving Jakob one star if it weren't for the fact that he gives easy midterms, so if are okay with learning the course on your own in exchange for easy tests, go ahead and take this class with him. Otherwise, take literally anybody else.