Adam Kanigowski

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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 10/27/2020
Very understanding man. Definitely cares about students and wants you to understand the material. Did recieve an A- in the class.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 05/02/2020
Decent professor. Not the best lecturer, but fair and exams are not bad.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/06/2020
Professor Kanigowski is phenomenal. I had him for Math 406 as a freshmen. He is so kind and patient. He is the kind of professor who is extremely brilliant but also cares about his students learning the material. He understands that students might not necessarily understand the material through one approach and if you ask questions or he notices that he has lost student in his lecture, he will go back through what he just taught and try to teach it in a different way so it makes sense. ASK QUESTIONS IN CLASS!!! He is so willing to help you understand and he WANTS you to ask questions. He will repeatedly ask during lecture if there are any questions, and every time I have asked (which was a lot) he always made sure to answer it to the best of his abilities and I always understood it better. He is very nice at office hours and will spend however much time it takes going over problems until you feel comfortable. His homework and midterm prep are very useful and you will feel very well prepared for his exams if you complete them. The class breakdown is 6 to 7 graded homework assignments with 1 midterm and 1 final. However the homework and lectures really prepare you for the midterm and final so you will be okay. He does not require you to attend lecture, and the book is helpful, but I found his lectures to be a lot more helpful than the textbook, and he doesn't go in order of everything in the book so you at least need to know what topics he covered in class. I would highly recommend attending lectures. Side note - I had him during the time that UMD went online for the second half of the second semester because of COVID - 19 and he did so much to make sure that all his students were okay. He made sure to modify the curriculum and add more office hours so that we knew we could reach out to him. He said he cares more about his students understanding what he has taught than just bulldozing though material for the sake of saying he completed everything on his timeline. He is great for people who love math, or who struggle with math. He will challenge your brain to think different for those who enjoy it, and he is there to support you and encourage you when you struggle. 100% recommend taking him and I would take his class again if I could.