Theodore Kaouk

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This professor has taught: ENGL295, ENGL304, ENGL478B

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Expecting a B
Anonymous 11/25/2015
Engaging professor. Class was not overly difficult but there was a lot to learn. The course material was easy to follow and actually fun to read. Fair grader.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/26/2010
It blows my mind how some professors were hired here at Maryland. Kaouk is only a few years older than I, in grad school, and recycles his theories and lectures from his classes. He has no structure and often comes into class asking what we want to do today, then gets disappointed when nobody brings up a topic of discussion. He is also extremely unreliable and has not shown up to 2 schedule meetings as well as his regular study hours. The class is all reading. Some plays are good some not so good but that's an English class for you. There are 2 papers, quizzes, a final, and class participation. The quizzes are reading quizzes and are usually pretty easy. Class participation is 10% of your grade and if you speak you'll be fine. For the paper, however, if you do it the assignment wrong the first time he will allow you to do it again and get weeks to do it. However, if you're like me and you do the assignment CORRECTLY but still get a B-, those who are told to do the paper again can still get an A, while I cannot. Explain that one to me... Overall, the only benefit from the class was that class participation was a big part of the grade. Most classes, it's nonexistent or only 5% at least. Otherwise, Kaouk is an unprofessional and weak professor. I would not take his class again.