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Expecting a B
Anonymous 08/20/2015
A lot of people say he's a douche or a jackass or w/e, so I was a bit worried when the class first started. In my opinion there's nothing to worry about. Yes, there are times when he gets a little impatient with people, but to me it didn't seem any more extreme than any other professor. His responses on piazza were always curt, but I feel like most professors give super short/curt responses that could be seen as rude when it comes to written communication. As far as teaching style, he's your average CS prof. Go to class, he pulls up slides and goes through them. He seemed to actually care whether or not students were understanding the material as he would stop and check often if people were keeping up. He would also encourage people fairly often to ask questions. In my case, it seemed like any of the few signs there may have been of him not enjoying teaching the class stemmed from the lack of class participation when he would encourage it (which was often) so he would be left talking at us, or there would be a dialogue between only him and a couple students.

zaqu413 12/21/2013
Summary: Very average professor. Lecture: Mostly off of power-points which he posts online. Going to class is optional, but questions on the quizzes will sometimes come from things he says during class that are not on the power-points. The actual material was usually very interesting, but there was so much material to cover most of the time we just brushed over topics without really learning how they worked. Taking CMSC456 before this class will give you a slight advantage (very slight). Quizzes: There were 3 quizzes which were pretty hard. They are all short answer or diagram drawing. I felt the quizzes would emphasize a random subset of the material covered, so if you are weak on a certain topic and it shows up on the exam you are screwed. On the other hand it could not show up at all and you get lucky. Projects: The projects were actually pretty fun as we got to carry out things like buffer overflows, dictionary attacks, and XSS attacks. They also more or less got easier as the semester went on. Languages used were C, Java, and Javascript. He provides resources and examples if you don't know Javascript, I taught myself everything I needed to know for the Javascript coding in less than an hour. Final: It was a little harder than the quizzes I thought. But it is only worth 12% of your grade, which was a weird concept as I am used to it being between 30% and 40%. Grading: 5 projects 11% each 3 quizzes 11% each 1 final worth 12% Overall the material was interesting, but it seemed crammed. I think this would be a good first 400 level course as it gives you a nice overview so you can think about concentrations you would like to focus on in future courses.

Anonymous 02/25/2012
Teaches reasonably on the current subjects but makes quizzes ridiculously difficult. Instead of putting the topics we've covered and practiced on the quizzes, he not only puts the most recent material but also the most abstract and picky questions. Projects were very difficult like any other teacher in 216. Very full of himself and difficult to approach. If you read all of the readings yourself and start the projects early, it's a manageable class.

Expecting an A+
rockinbassman 03/02/2011
Keleher is a knowledgeable professor, but does not seem enthusiastic about teaching students. He reads off slides and sometimes adds in comments. Not the most exciting teacher, and tough, but he gives plenty of practice exams. Sometimes these practice problems are even the actual problems on the exam.

Expecting a C
Anonymous 10/22/2010
He's an okay teacher. He's kind of your typical cs jackass, i asked for help on one project and he told me that it wasn't that difficult and he could do it in 25 minutes. If you bug him for help, he'll help you, just be prepared to feel like an idiot. His lecture slides aren't bad, and if you go to class you should be fine. But be prepared to work a lot.

Expecting an A
ajlohr 05/17/2010
He is an adequate professor. at times it seems that he doesn't try very much with the class though, taking most of the material that he is using to teach directly from the material prepared for the previous semester. It's nice however, that he skips over the specifics that you can look up on you own in order to cover more material.