Jared Kenlon

This professor has taught: MUSC140, MUSC150, MUSC151, MUSC250, MUSC251, MUSC450, MUSC463
Information Review
Jared Kenlon

Expecting an A
Kenlon is the best music theory prof at the university period! Very engaging and provides up to date musical examples to explain topics. When he used American Boy for mode mixture it just really made me love that man. He explains things very clearly and has multiple ways of teaching the same concept if someone doesn't understand. He's really funny and made me enjoy theory. He also makes an effort to get to know his students and form connections. He remembers little things that we mention in class and makes an attempt to be "with the times," but not in a cringey way. He also dresses really well so dr Kenlonif you're reading this keep doing you bro