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Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/13/2019
Very good teacher. His expectations are clear, he responded to emails quickly even when having a baby, and his feedback is very helpful. He definitely helped me improve my writing skills. Also I was scared that he would be a tough grader, but he really wasn't?

Expecting an A
ChrisPBacon 01/09/2019
Mike's a great professor. He is very clear about his expectations for each essay, and he gives very detailed outlines/examples of what he wants to see in the assignments. Make sure you attend lecture regularly to catch his notes and helpful tips when writing essays. MAKE SURE YOU GO TO OFFICE HOURS FOR EVERY LITTLE QUESTION. I cannot stress this enough. Mike cares a lot about the effort students put in. You can be an amazing writer, and the kid next to you might be an average writer, but if Mike sees the other kid put more work in, regularly attend lecture, go to office hours, etc, then that kid will get the higher grade. Mike is very friendly and gives great feedback at office hours and it is your one-on-one time to really improve your essay. With that being said, he is a hard grader, but if you put the work in and actively engage yourself in class as much as possible, you will be successful! Mike may seem intimidating at first, but don't let that scare you. Side note for all professors of ENGL101: if you go to the writing center for help, they will email your professor letting them know you can came in. This is a great way to show your professor that you are putting in solid effort outside of class for a big assignment.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 06/14/2018
He was a pretty good professor. He made his expectations clear and was always available to his students. Make sure to go to lectures regularly because he does give pop quizzes on the readings. Also, make it a point to go to the writing center. He can see which students have gone and he takes that into consideration when grading assignments sometimes! Overall, great professor and pretty funny!