Yordanka Kovacheva

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Expecting an F
Anonymous 06/16/2020
Difficult to understand, I wouldn't recommend if you have any type of learning disability or something that makes math or understanding people difficult. Her English is bad and she mutters a lot. I also don't recommend for students who are racial minorities. She is a great representation of students paying a lot for college but learning from other sources like Khan Academy or YouTube instead of the professor.

Expecting a P
Anonymous 05/17/2020
Don't take if you can help it. Yordanka is difficult to understand, teaches very quickly, and isn't receptive to student concerns. She makes things more difficult than they have to be, and her exams and discussion worksheets are harder than the other professors. Avoid at all costs if you value your sanity.

Anonymous 01/29/2020
She is thorough but scatterbrained and hard to follow. Very unorganized. Utilizes the most difficult way to solve problems and does not project. Switched out before the end of the d drop add period.