Pratima Kshetry

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Information Review

Anonymous 04/10/2019
She is fantastic. She had to take over our class halfway through the semester because our professor got sick or something. But I am so glad that she took over the class. I heard she comes from an engineering background and ours was the IT policy class unlike the programming classes she teaches. But she did an amazing job. Her discussion prompts were great and her lectures were amazing. Didn’t expect such great lectures from an engineer. Our class used to be so disorganised before she took over but since she took over, I have enjoyed the class. And she is so quick with her emails. One thing that I really appreciate about her is that she will let you know if she cannot respond to your email immediately and a possible time frame of when you can expect a response from her. I hope she continues to lecture at college park.

Anonymous 12/06/2018
Dr. Kshetry is by far the most responsive Professor we have at College Park. She is very quick with emails. You give her your code with bugs and she will fix it just like that. She is also very kind. Once I had problems with my assignment and I flooded her with mails asking for help. She very gracefully responded to all of my emails guiding me to the solutions. I am just so thankful to this professor for all the knowledge I have gained this semester. Hopefully she teaches another class.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 09/19/2018
She is an excellent professor. She is very knowledgeable, knows what she is speaking and is very precise when explaining topics with examples.