Grace Kwon

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This professor has taught: ENGL101, ENGL101S

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Information Review

Anonymous 12/02/2019
Class is a huge challenge to keep up in. This isn't the fault of Kwon herself, but instead the fault of UMD's english 101 system. That said, it's very challenging and stressful when this is combined with her unforgiving grading style. I spent many long nights writing, checking over, and editing my papers, just to be sure that I could get a passing grade. Class itself isn't terrible, but often seems rushed due to there being "very little time", as she puts it. As a result, very few individual concerns are addressed in class. Kwon's office hours are useful, but ultimately, her class is very stressful and time-consuming.

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 11/22/2019
This professor is an incredibly hard grader. Also, she treats her students like they are a distraction from writing her dissertation. She is unprofessional since she is always complaining about the amount of homework she needs to do for her graduate school classes. Furthermore, she is biased towards the one English major in the class and does not view the other students as favorably.

Anonymous 09/05/2019
Compared to other lecturers, Kwon is really tough and pedantic when it comes to grading writing assignments. That being said, that would not be such a bad thing if her teaching quality and composure paralleled her "leave no prisoners" grading style, but that's not the case. Her passion for the students is paralleled only by her propensity to be disorganized and prone to stress, which tends to come off poorly in her teaching and assignments. Office hours (which she is pretty generous with, I'll give her that) are a MUST if you want a grade that'll make you not contemplate getting a rope necklace from Home Depot.