Cheng Lee

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Average rating: 3.67

This professor has taught: CHEM135, CHEM425, CHEM625

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/16/2019
Cheng Lee is a grumpy man. I had accommodations for test taking and he fought me on them even though they are on the paperwork. He said I was back talking him when I was just trying to submit the accommodations paperwork. Besides that he is rude to students and very strict in class. His lectures are straight from the ppts which he provides which is nice. He tells you what will be on the test and occasionally gives out extra credit so go to lectures. I spent the lectures working on other work since he's such a boring lecturer and studied the ppts on my own. Overall he is not the best but easy to get an A in the class.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 12/13/2019
Exams are nearly identical to the old ones he gives you for practice. Gives extra credit pop quizzes so be sure to show up for lecture.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/20/2018
The best thing about taking him is that tests aren't too difficult and he gives out extra credit quizzes. Extra credit quizzes can't harm your grade no matter how bad you do. They're simply added onto your exam score, so they only help you. Lee's exams are fair and straightforward, so just make sure to grind MasteringChemistry (I honestly felt the mastering chem questions were harder than his exam questions.) As far as lecturing goes, he just reads off the slides which makes the class pretty boring. Just make sure to really understand the slides or textbook examples for this class.