Dongxia Liu

This professor has taught: CHBE101, CHBE486, CHBE686, ENCH609, ENCH640, ENCH648E
Information Review
Dongxia Liu

Pretty enjoyable and interesting tech elective that requires less effort than other tech electives in the catalog. There were 7 homeworks and they DEFINITELY got easier as the semester went on... I think the professor did that on purpose because the second exam was also way easier than the first one. And prof heavily implied the final is not gonna be that hard (fingers crossed). A drawback may be that this elective requires a 10 min presentation to go along with the paper, where some of the other electives only require the paper. However, I think the paper was also shorter than comparable papers in other tech electives, based on a convo I had with a dude who took E-chem with Albertus this semester. I think prof Liu's lectures themselves are also pretty good. She's clearly knowledgeable on the subject, since her research is mostly on catalysis. She follows the book (which is also not difficult to read btw), but makes her own slides and usually switches things up between slides, writing stuff on the white board, the occasional video etc. She asks the students questions, tries to get them to participate and is generally very encouraging. Her lesson planning is pretty thought out. A lot of the content in this class is qualitative, which is sorta refreshing after multiple years slogging through endless ChemE math hell. (Exam 2 was mostly qualitative) The content varies a ton since this is sort of a survey course, and it's also why the 2nd half of the semester involves fewer equations than the 1st half. Not gonna lie though, there's some quantum in the middle of the semester that gets pretty dry. Interesting, relatively easy class with an organized and enthusiastic professor. Glad I took it.