Terence Long

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Expecting a C
Anonymous 12/12/2018

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/11/2018
Lazy ass fuck. Didn't post the final exam location up until the final day. Emailed asking a few questions never replied back. Mailed about make up exam cause I had another exam but never heard back. Stupid fuck

Expecting a B
Anonymous 08/28/2018
Amazing teacher. Great attitude. Straight forward grading policy

Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/25/2018
Terence is the trifecta for a great math teacher: he's enthusiastic about the material, he can explain the content in an easily digestible way, and is an overall friendly person. I highly recommend taking a class with him if you can.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 12/19/2016
Terence is a nice guy. He knows what he is teaching, and his class is good, never boring.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/09/2014
Terence was an awesome teacher. He is very passionate about math and it shows while he is teaching because he always goes out of his way to show you why something works or why a formula is the way it is. His class can get a little boring at times but overall he is a pretty good math teacher who wants you to get a good grade. He is awesome about giving you opportunities to bump up low exam grades with his grading system.