Elizabeth Marshall

This professor has taught: ENGL101, ENGL272, ENGL297, ENGL393, ENGL395
Information Review
Elizabeth Marshall

Expecting an A
This class turned out to be professional writing in the workplace and not an introduction to professional writing. I was told the class is an easy A and yes it is, most of the grades are based on completion and the course load is really small there are only a few larger assignments where you have to interview a writer for an individual project and group project and you have to write papers about it but it is pretty easy. The professor is just trying to get people to work well in groups as if they were in the workplace. The professor overall is very unorganized and confusing at some points, assignment due dates usually get pushed because she didn't do something she was supposed to do. Attendance is not mandatory but some days there will be in-class graded assignments and if you aren't there it is sometimes difficult to make it up without an excused absence. The class is pointless but I took it as a gen-ed and didn't really have to worry about this course and my grade in it.