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Expecting a B+
Anonymous 06/11/2020
Have you ever received a final letter grade at random? Because I'm pretty sure that's how she operates. On the last day of classes, only eleven out of 42 assignments were graded. Today, weeks after the end of the semester, I have a final course grade, but my final project has none. Get ready to spend 12 hours on every project for absolutely no reason. Astonishing that she is still allowed to teach. Praying that my course evaluation allows someone else to take her job.

Anonymous 06/19/2015
She is, hands down, THE worst professor I have encountered in my 3 years here. She overburdened us with many overlapping assignments that made it impossible to complete everything in a timely manner. For most of us, it meant not doing the reading one of the nights. She had told us at the beginning of the semester we would have quizzes, but after 2 months we hadn't had any. So that one night when no one had time to read because we were trying not to fail the heavier assignments, she decided to surprise us with a pop quiz. When none of us could answer the questions after, she stormed out of the room and told us to teach the material for that day to ourselves, since it wasn't her job to do so (what the ever loving fuck?). She also was HORRIBLE about responding to emails. I don't know what was worst, that or the fact she would promise almost every day that graded assignments would be returned the following class, and they never were. I only knew 3 of my grades all semester, and it turns out they were incorrect anyways! She ignored repeated attempts by many students to receive comments on their turned in assignments. At least half the class hadn't received any real grade back as of the end of the semester. And the final grades were clearly graded on a whim, because all semester she complained how she was too busy to respond to anything because she needed to grade. Of the things she did hand back, she was quickly scribbling to grade them in the minutes before the end of one class. There's no way she took her time to grade them well... In one-on-one meetings with her, she would say to students how she hadn't even looked at email updates she had required us to send beforehand to gauge how we felt about our progress. Had she read them, she would know how we all felt. But of course she was always "too busy." TL;DR avoid McClure like the plague. Take a W even. I'm not one to write reviews, so listen to me when I say she is a horrible professor!

Anonymous 03/10/2015
DO NOT TAKE HER! DO NOT TAKE HER! DO NOT TAKE HER! DO NOT TAKE HER! DO NOT TAKE HER! DO NOT TAKE HER! She treats her class like it is the only class students are taking. There are at least an average of three assignments due EACH CLASS. Not every week. EACH CLASS. The readings are extremely long which I don't necessarily have a problem with since every single college class is going to have long readings. If you're not ready to read a lot, then you're not ready for this class or college period. The problem is that we have long readings ON TOP of other written essays and assignments. Most students sign up for this class only to meet a requirement, not as part of their major so to get so much work is not fair considering the other rigorous courses which students are taking related to their career path. In terms of personality, she is very smart and intelligent and personable. She's not a boring lecturer but she requires too much of her students outside of class compared to the other ENGL394 professors. You will learn a lot from her but it will hurt your GPA.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 06/06/2014
She sucks. Her grading is just not consistent at all. She never told us what was wrong what our writings exactly so we had no idea how to do better in class. She never responds to emails either. and always late to appointments

Anonymous 12/08/2012
I have to agree with the previous anonymous post. I wanted to like this professor - on the first day she seemed really nice and accomodating, offering extensions on assignments if a student has too much going on and so forth - but was an ultimate let-down. She was incredibly last-minute in regards to many aspects. I know I may be last-minute as well, but I am not the teacher of this course and even I found myself wondering where information was on Blackboard and why I my e-mail had not been responded to. She makes her assignments incredibly vague and confusing and, honestly, expects far too much from her students for a 200-level course. It seems as though she wishes she were teaching a 400-level Queer theory course when she is in reality teaching a 200-level literature course. This is especially annoying to me considering the fact that it is apparently not counting as requirements for my major, despite the fact that it is the most rigorous course I am currently enrolled in. If you are expecting this course to be anything like other minority literature courses through this university, you are advised to understand that this is not the case. It is more a psychological research course than anything else. Professor McClure, if you read this ever, just be aware that this is nothing personal. You seemed like a great person and that I would enjoy you as a friend were I in your age group, but you have far too high expectations for mostly underclass-students who think they are in for a course focused around literature discussion.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 10/26/2012
Shes a very nice person, but honestly, I cannot recommend her. Shes very hard to contact out of class and she has very limited office hours. She said she would email us comments on topics for a paper we had to write, but didnt email us until the night before it was supposed to be due. To add insult to injury, she didnt allow extra time to write the paper. The assignments arent very hard, but are usually very confusing. Her assignments are done in parts, and honestly it feels like each part is more confusing than the last one, and she doesnt do a very good job explaining what to do.

jmartin1 04/23/2008
she was straightforward for the most part, and wasnt difficult at all.

Expecting a C
johngreen 10/22/2007
If you like extremely picky teachers who think that writing class discussions on the bored is teaching, this is the one for you. Her grading is inconsistent, slow, and does not fit a rubric.