Ronald Mower

This professor has taught: KNES100O, KNES131V, KNES157O, KNES225, KNES287, KNES289R, KNES346, KNES389D, KNES485, KNES497, KNES612
Information Review
Ronald Mower

Expecting an A
There weren't a lot of reviews for Dr.Mower so I was very hesitant to take this class at first but now I am very glad I did. Dr.Mower is a very engaging professor that will keep you listening the entire class. I am generally someone who does hw in my gen ed classes but I couldn't in this class because I didn't want to miss anything. He is also young and relatable and tries to connect with his students. The class is not very hard but it is essential to go to lecture to be able to write good essays. There were 2 essays, 2 projects and 2 quizzes which isn't bad at all and he's very helpful during office hours if you're having trouble with any of the assignments. Hands down the best class I've taken at UMD so far in terms of the topic and the professor.