Cameron Mozafari

This professor has taught: ENGL101, ENGL101A, ENGL101C, ENGL101S, ENGL280, ENGL281, ENGL282, ENGL290, ENGL291, ENGL393, ENGL393H, ENGL398V
Information Review
Cameron Mozafari

Expecting an A+
Super fun class and very worthwhile in terms of content learned, best gen ed in my opinion, professor is very nice and constructive when it comes to assignments
Cameron Mozafari

Expecting an A
Dr. Mozafari is a very kind and understanding professor. His classes are engaging and you can tell he cares about his students. He is very lenient when it comes to grades and due dates, so definitely talk to him if you are extremely stressed or falling behind. This class has a lot of assignments so don't worry about doing badly on one of them. I would definitely reccomend taking him!
Cameron Mozafari

Expecting an A-
Dr.Mozafari is a great teacher, he does a good job in all his classes to engage the class and make sure that students are doing well and doing their work. He is very accomodating to course difficulty and often changes the rubrics if students think it is too hard, you just have to ask him. He is also very kind in offering extensions for the whole class and relieving stress. He makes sure you are doing well in class by asking about your mental health and checking up on you and giving your response changes the assignment due dates to help you. However, I would say that he is a picky grader and grades the essays with more focus and difficulty than other professors might. Other than that, he is a great professor and I would recommend taking him again.