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Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/17/2012
Dr Mullin is often misunderstood, she is a very nice lady who cares about her students learning. She also believes in challenging her students academically and making tests hard. but she will take care of the grades in the end. she might be a little scattered in lecture sometimes but that is probably because this stuff is so basic for her (her research is in quantum chemistry) but if you go to her office hours she is AWESOME. I have learned a ton from her.

Anonymous 01/16/2012
Worst professor to begin my college career with. She is terrible at conveying the topics to her students. No doubt she is a smart person but her way of understanding chemistry doesn't work for everyone. She could barely get through an example without confusing herself so I have no idea why she thinks her students could understand her. Do your self-esteem and GPA a favor and AVOID her!

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/21/2011
Don't take this professor. Her lectures are alright, but not great. Her exams would not be difficult except you never know what is on them. She may say one sentence about a topic and it makes up a quarter of the exam. If your lucky you studied the right information, but you never know. She does curve a lot, I think that I had a C+ or B- and I ended up with an A.

Anonymous 12/12/2011
Please don't take her if you have a choice. She is awful! She tests on material she never goes over and blames the students when everyone fails. Her teaching methods are all over the place, she is obviously a smart person but is awful at teaching the material at a freshmen college level. I regret taking her, I wish I took general chemistry instead because you can take gen chem and be a biochem/chem major. Be prepared to fail if you take her. She destroys your self-esteem about you ability to do chemistry

Anonymous 12/11/2011
She is a great lecturer but her exams are extremely difficult, so her lectures dont help at all unless you are some genius.

Expecting a b+
Anonymous 03/27/2011
bad lecturer. although professor mullin is very knowledgeable, she does a very poor job of explaining simple topics of chem131 to her students. her lectures are confusing, and she quickly jumps back and forth between topics. she also goes way into detail of upperlevel topics that are not needed for the exams and that are too complex to understand in a gen chem class. you must be very self sufficient in this class to learn and hopefully get a good TA.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/18/2010
where do i start?? oh i start by saying SHE SUCKS! she is one of those professors that destroy your self esteem and then give you a C as a consolation price to make you think she is doing you a favor! I went into the class with high hopes and after the first test, i knew i had the wrong professor! to start with, her class is an uphill battle and you will spend the rest of the semester fighting to stay alive! i attend over 90% of her lectures and i can count the number of times i actually learned something in one hand, over 90 percent of the work was done by myself, self learning. Our TA, Lenea Stocker was also really helpful. and when you think you got the material down and are prepared for the test? she hits you with something that is not even in the book! To do good on her tests, you have you go inside her head and think the way she thinks! After reading my review and that of others on this page, you'll be a fool to take her. SHE IS A SELF ESTEEM KILLER AND SHE CANNOT TEACH. and most likely, your grade in her class is not justified and will not reflect what you know. SHE is only gets that one star because we are required to give a minimum of a star.

Anonymous 12/16/2010
Dr. Mullin is seriously not a bad professor like other people have said. Yes, you WILL have to do readings outside of class by yourself. She does not assign readings for you. You can read the chapter if you feel like it (which I recommend). Do practice problems. The homework on Mastering Chemistry is really not terrible. You have 3 tries for each problem. Yes, you do lose points for getting the wrong answer, but you can still miss quite a few and still get a good grade for the homework. PLUS, the lowest homework score is dropped and your homeworks together will combine to one test grade. There are extra credit clicker questions and this class is generously curved. I got an 88% or so in the class and still got an A+. You need to study on your own when you have to. There are office hours and you should go if you need to. Dr. Mullin has a very friendly personality, so don't be intimidated. Grading is not bad like what people have said. I have made some pretty poor mistakes on my tests and there are certain things I deserved. But also, I did get partial credit when I deserved it. I liked the tests since there were no multiple choice questions. Just four 25 point questions. The wording of the question may catch you off guard, BUT if you read very carefully, they are really not that hard to understand. You need to think outside of the box since they are not straight questions from your textbook, but she DOES cover the concepts in class. She lectures mostly by writing on the chalkboard and there aren't powerpoints for you. I think it's easier for her to draw and solve stuff on the board, then to give you a powerpoint of notes, but by writing on the board, she takes a little time to erase the stuff, which makes it seem as if there isn't enough time to cover all the material. I honestly don't prefer chalkboards, but I can't think of a better way to teach chem. Don't sit in the back of class, you won't learn. Too many people talking back there and it's hard to see the board. Good luck.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/15/2010
By far one of the worst professors i have had in a while. She cannot teach at all. in an applied science like chemistry you can't say that you go from point A to point B without explaining the process of how you got there. She seemed nice at first but, first impressions can be misleading, i have had some very mean spirited teachers in the past, and they at least give 1 pt partial credit if you at least give a feasible attempt at a question, not Mullin. Harsh grading, poor teaching skills, tests are one giant curve ball after another, avoid if you can...

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/12/2010
Horrible professor. She can't teach and her exams are ridiculous; four 25 point questions that are unlike any in the textbook, so even if you teach yourself the material perfectly you could end up screwed.

Expecting a B+
Chelsea Conger 12/11/2010
Mullin expects too much from her students. She is a very enthusiastic person, and obviously loves chemistry, but the way she teaches is too complicated. She goes into too much detail refering to higher levels of chemistry that is not needed, nor understood, for Gen Chem 1. OR, she doesnt go into enough detail. She tells us she wants us to understand the concepts, and be able to apply them in a challenging way--in other words, she words all her exams in the most difficult manner, and all other professors' exams are way easier. If you must take her, rely on the book. Its a fantastic source for CHEM131 and explains everything so well....and hope you get a fantastic TA like our class did.