Raghu Murtugudde

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Expecting a NA
Anonymous 05/10/2016
Do not take this class. Save yourself! This was the most disorganized course I've ever taken. There is no syllabus, so you don't know what to expect, and when you ask him about the course schedule he gets upset with you. Dr. M is clearly a very smart guy but is in no way an effective teacher. The only thing I got done in the class was work for other classes because the lectures are irrelevant to the course. There are no readings, no homework assignments or tests. Seems great, right? Wrong. It's nice during the semester, but then he drops a 20-page (single-spaced) research paper on you just 3 weeks before the end of the semester and says he can do it because there's no syllabus he must follow. I cannot attest to his grading styles because we have yet to receive any (it's currently finals week) so no one in my class can sense what grade they'll get. Dr. M learns something about each student and teases them about it for the entire semester. For example, one student in my class was from a wealthy area and he constantly called her out for being rich and sheltered. Save yourself a lot of frustration and don't take this class.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/14/2012
This man is very strange. He has bright orange glasses and occasionally wears hot-pink pants. He is also hilarious and one of the most chill professors I've had. Lectures were entertaining, mostly because of his jokes about New Jersey. There was one midterm and one final (and an optional final project). The class wasn't hard. He definitely simplified a lot of complex concepts and made them much easier to understand. I'm also pretty sure he curved significantly at the end of the course. Overall, I enjoyed this class and this bizarre professor.