Prakash Narayan

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Expecting a B+
Anonymous 12/12/2019
Lectures are clear and easy to understand, but he spent too much time at the start of the semester on things that were obvious, so we ended up barely reaching Laplace transforms at the end, and we had to rush through Discrete Fourier Series/Transform and we didn't even do Z transform or the state space approach for LTIs. Also he had the TA post all HW assignments, and he would frequently say in class that the HW would be released on say Tuesday, but then the TA would release it Wednesday night. Since the HW gets turned in during discussion, he can't push the deadline back so we end up losing a day for HW due to bad prof/TA communication. Those are the bad parts, but for exams, Narayan was quite fair. He would cut off the material that we'd be responsible for about 2 weeks before the exam, so there was never any worry about learning something in class and being tested on it in 2 days. He allows accumulating cheat sheets for exams (ie 1 sheet for exam 1, 2 for exam 2, ...). Important Fourier properties were given on the exam, like time/freq shifting so you weren't screwed if you forgot to put it on your sheet. However, he doesn't post old exams, so you can't treat it like a Papamarcou class where you just memorize the old exams.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 05/19/2019
He is a good professor. He knows the material well. If you want to learn while getting a decent, then you should definitely take him.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/21/2018
Good lecturer. ENEE324 Fall 2018. The highest grade for the final was a 53 percent. The average was about a 26 percent. Need I say more?