Vincent Nguyen

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Average rating: 4.00

This professor has taught: ENES221, ENME361, ENME371, ENME454, ENME472

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Anonymous 02/22/2021
Vince is very particular professor. He thinks he knows the best way for students to learn and ubiquitously applies that learning methodology across all of his students. For example, requiring students to attend lecture with clicker participation quizzes and then creating weekly quizzes that pretty much check that you went to lecture. He assigns a ton of work to keep you busy. He also speaks very loudly over Zoom. On the other hand, I think his exams are fair, though he is a very harsh grader and is definitely looking out to take off points.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 01/25/2021
So I took this class over the winter. Overall it is a lot of material in a short amount of time. There are 4 exams, 5 Hw's , 8 quizzes, and one take home exam. A lot of work for only 13 class sessions. Vince is tough, but he really wants us to be great engineers. Vince is concise, he clearly explains and relates all the material to real world examples. He does hold all students to a high standard, so just be prepared to suffer, but its for a good reason. I would take Vince again because I will be a better engineer for it, not because I enjoy working so hard. In short, Vince is a great professor.

Anonymous 01/24/2021
He cares about you learning the material. So learn it. Try not to make mistakes on the exams though.

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 06/08/2020
Vince is nice and cares about his students BUT he's a tough grader.