Jade Olson

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 02/10/2021
Very chill professor, has a great sense of humor and understands that not everyone is a good speaker. Sometimes grades strictly if you make mistakes but gives you useful feedback on how to improve. Definitely a good choice if you need to take this class.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 11/04/2020
Great professor. Very understanding and actually makes the class useful

Expecting an A
Anonymous 06/08/2012
Jade Olson is awesome and makes comm107 great. def take this class with her if you have the chance.

bananapop 05/18/2012
Overall this was a very good class. As long as you did the readings and attended class you should do fine. There are two speeches and one debate but they aren't that hard. It maybe takes a couple of hours each. There is one paper but it's not that bad. No midterm but there is a final. As long as you understand what is going on in class then it's not that bad. Jade is great! She is down to earth and chill. She really knows a lot about this and really gets that this isn't your first priority. She is more than willing to help or explain things in any way she can. Overall a good class to take if you need to take it but I wouldn't go out of my way to take it.