Santuria Orsetti

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Average rating: 4.67

This professor has taught: MATH003, MATH013, MATH015, MATH113, MATH115

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Anonymous 05/27/2013
Clear expectations, always willing to help. But don't go in expecting an easy A, there's a lot of work assigned. Go to all classes. Really tries to explain things in a way that makes sense to students. Overall, a good remedial/transition-to-introductory math course.

Expecting a B
staaaar 12/06/2011
Professor Orsetti is one of the besssssssssstttttttttt math teachers I've ever had. He really knows his stuff. He explains clearly in a way you can understand and if you don't understand he's great at clearing those misunderstandings up! i had him in 013 which turned into MATH113 in five weeks. even though I expect to get a B it's just because of test grades. the tests are rather difficult but absolutely choose Orsetti!!

Expecting an A
motariq1991 05/16/2010
This guy is the real deal and he knows his math. I was thanking God that for once he gave me a math instructor in my life who knows proper english. Honestly, he covered every single concept of algebra and pre-calculus in just one semester whereas it took my highschool teachers 3 years to do. He simply made me love math! Gives out excellent notes and relates real-life situations to make math more understandable. Definitely recommend him for any incoming freshmen.

Anonymous 04/27/2009
He is a really good professor and knows his stuff!! He tries to make class interesting. He is available during posted office hours and also is very willing to arrange alternate times to get additional help.

Anonymous 12/07/2008
He's a really good teacher that is good at explaining things. He doesnt have a dry personaility and makes class some what interseting. You have to go to class to do well

Expecting an A
gkay 09/19/2008
Fantastic Teacher. I never enjoyed math before taking this class with professor Orsetti. Go to class and pay attention and you will ace this class.