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Expecting a C
Anonymous 01/24/2019
It's a hard course and the professor doesn't provide any motivation for why we are learning the subject. However, the professor is obviously extremely knowledgeable.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 07/28/2018
Overall Papamarcous class is easy as you can do well in each exam by practicing his past exams which he posts on ELMS. However I feel like I havent really learnt anything from this class other than the MATLAB portion.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/16/2014
Papamarcou is a great professor. I won't lie to you, this class is extremely difficult, but that is the content, not the teacher. He does a really good job of explaining everything, and posted all of his lectures on elms in case you need to hear something again. Homeworks were difficult and assigned once a week, but only a subset of problems got graded, and if your exam average was better than your overall grade with homeworks, then (if I read the syllabus correctly) homework grades get dropped. Exams were fair. There are two midterms and a final, each covering material from their respective unit. The exams have similar problems to the homework, but are made slightly easier to compensate for the time constraints. Honestly, this is just a really hard course with a lot of material to get a hold of. If you can get Papamarcou, he will help you through it and you should get by okay. This professor is a good idea.

Expecting a C-
Anonymous 05/05/2014
I really like Papamarcou. He cares about his students and attempts to help them navigate his course. He is thorough in teaching the material and the homework is tough but you learn a lot. On the downside, his exams are super-tough and the scores you make on the exams make up 90% of the grade. So, while I learned so much in this course, my grade won't reflect what I learned, but only how I performed on the timed exams.

Expecting an A
umdee 04/25/2014
Papa is a great lecturer and makes fair exams that can easily be aced by looking over practice and past exams. Only complaint is that he sounds like a book when lecturing (not a bad thing, but can be hard to understand sometimes with the terminology he uses).

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/21/2012
Great professor. Had him for both 324 and 241. He can be a bit verbose (tends to speak like a textbook) but always precise, which can be very useful for simpler topics but confusing for more complex ones. He has a very fair grading scheme based on point values, which is nice since you know what you need to get going into the final. He is a very organized teacher, and studying for this class is not difficult due to his lecture notes and provided solutions. The only downside: if you don't understand how to do certain problems, his solutions can be hard to understand since he skips many steps, so they cannot be relied upon exclusively. Overall, highly recommended as long as you are able to keep up with material as he presents it in class. I wish I had looked at notes for lectures beforehand, as that would have helped immensely.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/17/2011
Papamarcou is a great teacher. If your hcoice is between Papamarcou and Blankenship, CHOOSE PAPAMARCOU. I am speaking from first hand experience when I say you will have no idea what Blankenship does in class. I was in his section for the first week of classes, realized I HAD to get out, and switched to Papamarcou. Wow, huge change. Blankenship talks really quietly, and was doing some weird stuff when I was in his class. A week later, Papamarcou was still reviewing complex numbers and such. His class goes at a nice, slow pace and he commonly stops to see if any student has a question. His exams are EXACTLY like his practice exams, so definitely get a hold of those. Also, his final is NOT COMPREHENSIVE. Some people think this is a bad thing, but I tend to think this is a great thing. Overall, this class is a breeze if you go to class, do the homework, and look at practice exams. Don't stress too much over the homeworks either, as he has a nice policy where if you do well on exams, homeworks don't even factor into the grade.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/28/2011
His lecture notes are very good. He also wrote his own textbook which is in .pdf so you can get away with not buying a text at all. I found his lectures to be somewhat lacking in mathematical rigour to the extent that some of his explanations could have been more clearly and concisely been conveyed in a rigorous proof. Study any test bank exams you can get, plus his practice exams. The curve is insane... I think 30-40% get A's or something like that. The exams are more about precision than anything else... just make sure you can plow through all the test bank exams without having to 'think' very much and you'll be fine.

Expecting a D
Anonymous 12/21/2010
This class was 10 times harder then 322. He doesn't make it any easier. If you don't understand his lectures drop the class right away.

Expecting an A
fma1 05/08/2010
Okay, yeah, I admit that I don't fully understand the DFT. That article explains it well. Music is composed of many different instruments, and the DFT does what the human ear does. It splits the sound into the sounds made by different instruments. It's also basically another way to look at the same data, to see things you wouldn't normally see. Okay, now for my review. I think Papamarcou is a really awesome teacher. Anyone who has ever taken Blankenship will tell you, "I have no idea what I learned in 241." Never take Blankenship. EVER. Unless you are like super freaking smart and I mean SUPER, you will have no idea what Blankenship is doing. Papamarcou explains the concepts as well as possible. Just make sure you read the lecture notes, and skim the book sometimes. He's not that difficult, actually. I found this class to be challenging, but not impossible to get an A in. Also, like everyone else said, he cares a lot. That is really surprising because most of the ENEE2xx level teachers just don't care.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/08/2010
i had papamarcou for 241 and 324.. while he is a good enough teacher, and i think that he genuinely cares about students and how they do, i really really REALLY hate the subject matter for both 241 and 324. not papamarcou's fault, but maybe it biases my review a little. papamarcou teaches like he is reading a book so it takes a good bit to get used to the way he describes things. ive done a lot better in 324 than i did in 241 i think because of that. either way, i think he is a little overrated. he might be better than the alternative, but he is a very very difficult professor. the workload that he gives you is a little unreasonable i think, but i suppose that his grading scheme accounts for that a little.

armantheman 12/31/2009
Very good professor, keeps you engaged. However he is frankly too smart, and the material is far to dense and nonsensical. Easy to get a B at least though.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/21/2009
Even though I didn't come to many lectures and I never paid attention to the lectures I came to...I did all the homeworks and I was 100% fine. I even bombed one of the exams and he disregards it. It was awesome, I did work very hard for the final exam and I am very happy with him. In person he is amazing and actually cares about his students. Def take him!

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/16/2009
Great Professor, but the course content is horrible. Some of the calculations get really tedious and can be very confusing at times.

Xin 11/25/2009
Ok teacher, the course is just really, really, really boring. You learn all this computational stuff that you really don't understand. Like the other person said, you learn a 1000 ways to computer a DFT but never understand what a DFT actually is. He is helpful and nice. So take him if you get the chance.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/14/2009
Papamarcou was an ok teacher. I found his exams to be pretty easy and I got good grades, but I didn't really feel like I learned much from the course. You will learn about 1000 ways to compute the DFT of a signal, but in the end, unless you are really smart, you won't understand what the DFT is. Basically this class is about becoming a computational robot and sometimes it's really annoying when you realize that you have no idea what you are computing or why you are computing it, even though you may be very good at computing it. Papamarcou himself is alright, although it often seems like he doesn't trust the students that much. I think part of the problem is that the course is relatively new and needs a lot of tweaking. I hope for the future that he will teach fewer methods of computing DFTs and convolutions and such, and spend more time trying to get across the purpose of each step and what objects such as the DFT actually represent so students can know why they are doing these computations.

vbury 02/25/2009
Even though Papamarcou's class covered some pretty hard material, his method of teaching is awesome. He is particular with his examples and tries to fully explain each concept as he comes up. You don't have to buy a textbook, he gives you one for free on blackboard. Not only that, with each homework set he gives you 3-4 pages of notes that explain the material that the problem set covers. The problem sets were time-consuming, but the included notes were a godsend. His tests are tricky, so you have to prepare well. Great guy and a great professor.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 01/22/2009
Really good teacher. He understands the material very well and communicates very well to students. He gives a lot of homework but without it there is no way to understand the material. I would definetly take 241 with Papamarcou.

Anonymous 11/19/2008
he was awesome, great teacher, just do the hw and listen to him and you will do fine

Expecting an A
ProphetElisha 09/03/2008
Easily one of the best professors in the department. He is a great lecturer and his lectures are well organized. The material he covers is tough, but if you can follow him and take notes (or get help when you need it) and complete his assignments you'll have every opportunity to do well.

Expecting a C
funkbomb 11/12/2007
He's hands-down a great professor. Not easy, but if you're looking for easy you're in the wrong major. If you care about your grade enough to see him every once in a while you'll be fine. He goes fast in lectures but he tries to explain things in great detail and simple explanations, and tells you what you do or don't need to know--he knows it's difficult material and levels with you. Nice guy too.