Gerard Passannante

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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 04/13/2018
Incredible lecture. I actually enjoyed Shakespeare for once

Expecting an A
GoooooTerps 03/29/2016
Gerard Passannante is one of my all time FAVORITE professors! He is so entertaining. Like an actor, he seems to always be performing and engaging students in fascinating discussion. Seminars are small, so our class was 18 people and we all sat around a round table and just discussed DaVinci, Shakespeare, and Montainge in a relaxed atmosphere. No quizzes, no tests, just a few papers here and there. The papers weren't long though! The readings were interesting, but the class discussiongs we hands down the BEST PART! I REALLY recommend this class and this fantabulous professor. Good luck Terps!

Expecting an A
Ebethmarie 10/24/2013
This was one of the best, and most fun, English classes I have ever taken. Professor Passannant is engaging, interesting and has fun during the class, making it easy to understand and want to learn about the plays of Shakespeare. It's not a super easy A, but it is a very enjoyable one.