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Information Review

Anonymous 06/02/2020
He's a tough person to read but always tried to check in on us throughout the semester after we switched to online learning. His homework is not to be taken lightly. If you want to do well you need to deeply understand the material before attempting to answer the questions; some questions you can't even find in the book and instead need to use your intuition (which means you'll probably get it wrong). His curve at the end appropriately reflected the very low average in the class, but for the easiness of the material taught the questions were over the top and incredibly time-consuming. At times it felt as though the TA grading our homework was inconsistent in their methods and was trying to work against us.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/19/2020
The class takes a lot of time and can be pretty frustrating and inconvenient. Dr. Peel though is pretty knowledgeable and good at explaining things, and I thought pretty likeable as well. Pros: Interesting content if you are into this kinda stuff Makes you think about problems learn quite a bit no real hw Cons: 3 discussions a week early lecture group project readings clicker questions/attendance mandatory

Expecting a B
Anonymous 06/04/2019
Dr. Peel is a professor who can be really chill one day, then totally rude and off another day. I had him for both astr 230 and 340 and both of those classes were quite a challenge with him as a lecturer. Do not get me wrong, he can be an effective professor but can come off as rude and material such as homework and exams can be rather tricky. In astro 230 the average on each exam was a 65, 58, 70, and 68. Which is actually much lower than astro 340 exams which were about 70 to 73 each. Saving grace for 230 was there was no final and there are alot of free points for discussion assignments and clickers. If you really like the material take him, if you are not adapt at the algebra and math of astronomy be advised.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/17/2018
A good professor who presents topics well at a high level (which was what a lot of this course was about). He is very nice and takes the time to learn everyone's name. He has a great desire to turn us into well spoken and productive individuals during our time here, which is a grand goal. Graders will take off points on the homework for weird or maybe incomprehensible reasons (for example, I had ten points, or 1 percent of the final grade, taken off a correct use of a logical fallacy probably because it was not politically correct). Others had points taken off for being too terse, which I feel is unfair for most questions.