Sima Pirmoradi

This professor has taught: ARTT100, ARTT200
Information Review
Sima Pirmoradi

Expecting a B+
it’s not the best. you have around 5 projects in total, and they can get pretty tedious at times. you really have to go out of your way to get feedback, and sometimes you’ll think you’re on the right track and it isn’t until critique day that suddenly there were many issues with your work. we didn’t do any wood projects, which, if you want to take ARTT333, you’ll be at a bigger disadvantage than the people who took Foon Sham for 200. honestly, there just wasn’t a lot of engagement, and it kind of turned me off from wanting to continue sculpture work (which luckily wasn’t my concentration anyway). it’s not the worst class, but i think if you’re not much into sculpture already or are coming from outside of the art major, i would probably recommend another professor as your first introduction.