Byrn Quimby

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Expecting an A+
Anonymous 06/03/2015
You have to actually try to not get an A or an A+ in this class. Do your reflections and turn them in on time, and participate in class. BAM look at that nice A+ on your transcript. Don’t listen to anyone who says anything bad about Dr. Quimby, she is fine for HLSC100. You do all sorts of randomness in this class but you do learn. Yay for easy As!

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/22/2011
Dr. Quimby is a very enthusiastic professor. The class was your pretty basic UNIV100 class. The TA matters more for this class experience and my TA did a good job.

Anonymous 03/26/2010
Good professor, exams were fair, nothing to complain about, she kept me engaged and was able to bring in alot of current information into her lectures.

Expecting a B
tejasamin 01/03/2010
She teaches well, and her exams are challenging. But if you pay attention in class, you'll be fine. You will learn a lot in class too.

Semirhage666 12/23/2009
I thought she was a great lecturer. She had a nice personality and wasn't just boringly standing there talking. I have no complaints about the exams. They are EXACTLY what you would expect from entirely multiple choice exams. I'm very happy that there weren't any short answer questions on them.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/20/2009
Dr. Quimby tries very hard but she is not a good lecturer. The material in class was covered less in depth than in 222. The exam questions were randomly taken from textbooks and did not correlate to the class material. The questions where also very tricky. Take any other professor for this class if you can. It may even be worth it to wait a semester. She knows very little chemistry which makes her a poor MOLECULAR genetics teacher.

Anonymous 12/17/2009
Dr. Quimby was a very engaging professor I thought. She gave a decent amount of work if you consider the level of the class. She was very helpful and very approachable. The class generally curves the borderlines. I guess the only students are on here because they are looking for an easy way to get by, which won't help if you plan to take any of the 400 levels and to go on to the Medical school. So work hard now and you will be rewarded for the infinity because you won't get by when you're at the medical schools.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/15/2009
She's not a good lecturer. She often makes a LOT of mistakes during lecture which really makes it confusing. Her exams are VERY specific; all of ours were multiple choice because it would have taken "too long to grade 100 written exams" as she said. They were really tricky and a lot of the questions were arguable but her reply was always "but this one is the BEST answer." I personally don't like answers like that. The class itself is a lot more work than I had initially thought. We had online quizzes due every week, in-class mandatory clicker points, and 3 major assignments throughout the course of the semester. The assignments took me a while but they were graded fairly. We had 3 exams, and it was spectacular the amount of information we were expected to know for each. The class is very interesting. She is very passionate about the material and tries to be engaging. She goes in to a lot of detail about molecular genetics and in doing so really expects you to know your stuff from 222. If you take this class, my advice is to read the book. She takes a lot of exam questions from the book. Go to class and take notes religiously; one of her little tidbits might end up on the exam. Go to office hours; generally, she's ready and willing to answer any question you have. Oh yea, and do the extra credit. I think that's the only reason I got a B.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 08/26/2009
Unfortunately, Dr. Quimby is really not a good lecturer. She is not engaging (although you can tell she tries to be), and her exams focus more on remembering random insignificant facts than on understanding the concepts of the course. If you have a chance to take Molecular Genetics with any other professor, do so.

Expecting a C
Anonymous 04/11/2008
This is the worst professor i have ever had in my life. She can't teach and all you do is watch animations or videos and she does not explain anything. She also reds off the slide. SHE IS HORRIBLE