Scot Reese

Information Review
Scot Reese

Expecting an A+
I had so much fun in Professor Reese's class! I appreciated how he met each student where they were as far as confidence, experience, etc., and gave appropriate feedback on their performances that was specific to them. This helped each person tremendously grow throughout the semester regardless of whether they had never acted before or had been in 20 plays/musicals before this course. Each performance assignment (i.e. Basic Object Exercise, Scene) is typically performed twice and you are expected to take the feedback you were given by Professor Reese and your peers to change your performance in some way. If he sees that your class is hardworking and dedicated, he is more lenient on certain things (i.e. my class final got changed from a final scene/monologue of choice with ~8 hours of outside rehearsal time to learning the Thriller dance from a dance department faculty member in class). If you send your paper assignments to him in advance, he will provide feedback. If I could take this class again, I would! **Attendance: Mandatory + Strict Policy for Absences One tip: Get to know your classmates. The class size is small and he emphasizes that by the end of the class, you all will be naturally working together as an ensemble. Creating those relationships early on with your peers helps this process.
Scot Reese

Expecting an A
I'll grant you that he knows about musicals, but when it comes to directing a dramatic play, he's way out of his league. His directing class is well organized but very light on content. It's hard work but you don't learn much. He's not always respectful to students either and that doesn't help. The fact that he brings in muffins to class sometimes doesn't make up for it.