Hazel Feigenblatt Rojas

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This professor has taught: JOUR175

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Information Review

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 09/13/2018
Grades way too harshly and takes the class way too seriously; I put more work into this than some of my upper div technical classes, and my grades are lower here. Reading responses that probably should be for completion are nigh impossible to get full credit on. This is a recurring theme in writing assignments: despite meeting all the criteria stated on rubrics, points get deducted anyways. Ironically enough, you'll probably get around the same score if you stop trying. Would give 0 stars if I could

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 09/07/2018
Her online class is way too much work. In addition, she takes herself too seriously. She gives around 6.5/10 average on the little reading assignments that other professors would proabably just grade for completion. Do not recomend.