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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 03/14/2019
She was a terrible professor. She has a thick accent (tee-tah!) and doesn't really teach concepts well. She is so bad at making online quizzes and has many mistakes in her pre-lecture quiz keys. Webassign was some shit too. She lets you have a cheat sheet (front and back) for exams though.

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 01/19/2019
Attendance is required through daily quizzes. That wouldn't be a problem if they were worth going too. Attending lecture is no better than just reading the book and watching a Youtube video.

Expecting a W
Anonymous 11/24/2018
The worst teacher I have ever had. If you can avoid taking her class you probably should because she will teach you nothing and punish you for it. Had to drop the class mid-semester.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 12/21/2017
Dr. Rosca gets a bit of a bad rap. Halfway through the semester, she began allowing us to bring notes for the quizzes and exams. She's very responsive to concerns and set up an online forum to discuss previous exams from the testbank. Still, not much gets done during lecture. As with ANY math class, you have to study outside of class.

Anonymous 12/17/2015
Absolutely the worst teaching experience I’ve had in my life. Dr. Rosca’s research better be damn good, because her teaching could not be worse. She excels at leaving students confused, upset, and totally lost. You could get an A without ever attending lecture, and by the same token you can attend every lecture and still fail if the material confuses you, as it did me. Avoid at all costs.

Expecting an A
akeyser1 09/01/2015
Dr. Rosca is a very good teacher. She explains very difficult concepts systematically and is always available if you have any questions or concerns. Some of the other reviews said her exams were atrocious; I don't think that's fair. Her class is all about mastery and gaining mathematical maturity. If you do the homework and THINK, you'll be fine.

Anonymous 01/12/2015
The actual class isn't that hard, in my opinion. However, I think Rosca could have done a better job with engaging the class. She reads off PowerPoints for most of her lectures, which I thought was a bit obscure. Some of the material that was a bit confusing wasn't taught very well by her, so I had to rely on YouTube to teach me some of the concepts. She's very nice at office hours though, so go to those if you need additional one-to-one help. Although not terrible, you should probably see if you can get a different professor for Linear Algebra.

Expecting a B-
Anonymous 12/23/2014
She's pretty mediocre as an instructor. She does have the slides that have a good deal of the most important info in the book displayed for you, so it's a good way to guide your notes. Bring the book with you to class so you can write in notes if you fall behind the lecture. She's got an accent(surprise, surprise) and has a drab monotone, and isn't particularly good at communicating material, but she can help you in office hours. A good TA will help tremendously, but one with yet another accent, that moves through material very quickly, like mine, will leave you reeling for your book to study yourself. It's not a bad idea, anyway, since just about everything you need to know in the course is in it, and all the homework exercises are in it. I think this is in every 240 section, but watch out for the MATLAB projects. If you go in with no MATLAB experience and little to no CompSci experience, prepare for long nights of figuring things out. If you've never used MATLAB before, maybe try MATH206 or play around with it before you take this course. One more thing: 100 points are for quizzes in discussion based on homework(12 total, 2 dropped, 10 points each), 100 for four MATLAB projects(graded out of 25), 300 for three 100 point midterms, and 200 for the final, for 700 total. One nice thing she did is if you do better on the final than on your lowest midterm (going by percentages), then 1/2 of the points you earn on the final will replace your lowest midterm, in addition to your final grade out of 200. Great for a final-exam recovery if one of your exams sucked. In summary, she's not that good of a teacher, but she does a good job setting up the course to help you succeed if you put in the work. I couldn't avoid Rosca, as she taught every 240 section this semester, but shop around and see if there's someone better. If not, at least she's not so bad that it would worth putting off a required course that only she teaches that particular semester.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 12/22/2014
Dr. Rosca was an all around good professor. Her midterms were fair and her final was easy. She also replaces your lowest midterm with your percentage from your final if higher and drops two of the weekly quizzes. Many people do not show up to class since she teaches out of the book and uses Powerpoints also on Elms, but she was a decent lecturer. Rosca had a bad reputation from being hard the previous semester and especially hardly curving, but this semester her grades were overall higher.

Expecting an A-
TerpStudent9000 12/09/2014
Avoid this professor however you can. A majority of people I have asked have said the same thing about her: she is a terrible teacher. Her introductions to topics give you no better understanding of the material and she often leaves you confused. If you do well in this class, it will have had nothing to do with this professor. You could miss 95% of the lectures and still get an A. I prefer a professor that could at least help me out in starting to understand the material. Only take her class if her section is the only one that fits into your schedule, otherwise, steer clear of her.