Anne Rush

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Average rating: 3.50

This professor has taught: HIST233, HIST289O, HIST428M

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Information Review

msliko 08/22/2013
She was very excited about the class, which was about lawlessness. She was very approachable and always wanted to hear our opinions and not just hers. She was passionate, knowledgeable, and effective at lecturing. The exams weren't too hard, as she gave out possible short answers and essay questions. Received a 4 because her power points sometimes were cluttered and didn't have much of a structure

Expecting a B
ecozzone 04/29/2009
She is a good teacher and is obviously interested in her subject. She grades the papers fairly easy, I got an A, but the tests suck. She expects knowledge of specifics and we had to write essentially 6 pages in less than an hour.