Vikas Sahasrabudhe

This professor has taught: INFM612, INFM620, INFM706, INFM711, INST354, INST447, INST627, INST706
Information Review
Vikas Sahasrabudhe

Expecting a B-
My biggest issue with Vikas is his inability to write in English. His slides and assignment instructions are always extremely hard to understand. He is a very harsh grader and grades you on small details, like making sure your name is in multiple places on each document. Figuring out these small details is extremely hard because his writing is insanely unclear and overcomplicated. By the way, every sentence this man writes is a run-on sentence. Each of his lecture slides are just one-sentence paragraphs that are very hard to understand. His instructions are the same way, they use awful grammar, words are often used incorrectly, they are long, and they are unclear. This makes things extremely difficult considering he has very strict grading criteria in his head, that he is unable to relay on paper.