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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 05/09/2019
Can't really complain too much about Dr. Sawazhal. Her class is easy as can be. The in class activities are an easy handful of points, her exams are open note, her semester long project isn't too daunting with groups. Nice woman, very laid back but can be a little picky with her grading especially on the miscellaneous homework assignments. If you want an Easy A/B, take her for 434 not Golub

Expecting a B-
Anonymous 12/12/2013
Vibha is an incredibly...alright professor. She obviously knew the material for algorithms, her speech can be understood with no problems, and she is fairly excited about the content. She did a better job explaining the more abstract material, but for more concrete explanations, she wrote down the problem before hand, and copied them onto the board. This is a problem, because then she had no pacing. She went too fast during hard parts and too slow during easy parts. This was by far her biggest problem. She's also a bit harsh on students who make mistakes (for example, failing to take good notes and looking for other ways to get the content). However, this seemed to improve over the semester. Overall, I would recommend taking another professor if you have the opportunity (for example, Kruskal for 351, whose lectures, when I attended, I felt I learned more from), but, if she's you're only option, she's not terrible.

Expecting a B
pluralfacade 01/28/2009
She was ok as a teacher. She clearly doesn't have as much mastery of algorithms as Golub does, but she actually attempts to make a boring class interesting with jokes and humor, which is quite a job in itself. Overall a pretty fair teacher, even giving points back when they were deserved on tests and homeworks. Definitely one of the liveliest teachers I've had in CS classes.

Expecting an A-
unitar 12/04/2007
Vibha is an excellent teacher. She keeps class interesting and is always animated in her discussions. She answers questions clearly and concisely and presents material, even somewhat complex mathematical proofs, understandably. It is a shame she is only teaching CMSC351, so I may not get another chance to have her as a teacher.