Laura Schnitker

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This professor has taught: MUET200, MUSC215

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 09/13/2020
One of the best professors and classes at Maryland! If you're interested in music history, take this class. The material and lectures are engaging.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/26/2020
Dr. Schnitker is a very nice, understanding, and helpful teacher. Her lectures go by fast, but are interesting to know and learn. Weekly readings/videos are brief and interesting. There are weekly quizzes based off the readings/videos, but she sends an announcement every week as to what to look for when reading/watching that will be relevant for the quizzes. There are 2 major papers and 2 exams, but all are very fair and straighforward as long as you put in the work. She is very accommodating if you have an issue, so if you talk to her and explain the situation, she will help you.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/10/2019
Very good professor. Really tries to make lectures interesting. Only issue was papers that she assigned but would still definitely recommend for a good elective class.