Arijit Sehanobish

4 reviews
Average rating: 2.00

This professor has taught: MATH113, MATH115, MATH140

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Expecting an F
Anonymous 12/05/2018
cant teach

Expecting a C-
Anonymous 11/06/2018
If you have this professor, RUN.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 10/26/2018
Arijit was quite possibly the best teacher I have ever had. He has a quiz once a week and screws the whole class and it's hilarious .Truly one of a kind.

Expecting a C-
Anonymous 05/04/2018
Quite possibly the worst teacher I have ever had in my whole academic life. Horrible at explaining things, never responds to emails, and doesn't care about his students or their grades. The class average at the end of the semester was a D- and they had to curve an entire letter grade to make the average a C-