Mark Shayman

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Expecting a B+
Anonymous 12/20/2018
Shayman is pretty decent. Lectures are followable and neatly written if a bit dry (like his throat). Homework was doable and kept you paced. Exams were fair/a bit tough but if you knew the material well you could do well. His pop quizzes were annoying, but they basically counted for nothing so it was no big deal. Plus his curve was pretty good. There might be better choices for 322 like Marcus, but I think Shayman is a pretty good option.

Anonymous 11/21/2017
Found his lectures difficult to follow and he's a little condescending when you ask questions. I heard this from a lot of people I talked to in my class as well. He doesn't seem to know how to explain things to students who don't immediately get it.

soulelite 09/30/2016
Pretty good professor overall. Homeworks were very reasonable and he was very clear on what to expect on exams. Only downside is that his lectures will put you to sleep, although any professor teaching 324 might do the same.

nbadami 05/20/2016
He's not a bad professor honestly. He does a good job of teaching you the material and can be quite helpful in his office hours. His lectures can be kind of dense, but that's just because of the nature of the course; there's a lot of material to cover. My biggest problem with this guy is that he gives absolutely no partial credit, which can really hurt you on the exams. The average in my honors section was a D going into the final because of this. If you get stuck with Shayman, you will learn a lot, but if you're worried about your GPA, I'd recommend someone else.