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Expecting a B
Anonymous 11/25/2014
Professor Shenassa is honestly the worse professor I have ever had at UMD. He is incredibly condescending and rude. If you ask a question he will mock you and act like you are stupid even though his own powerpoints have tons of typos. His syllabus is very inconsistent and if you try to point out something that doesn't make sense/match up he responds very rudely and defensively. Shenassa thinks his class is soooo hard and that he is such a tough professor. The class itself is honestly not that hard, but his poor attitude ruins any good material. I regret taking this class so much and dread going. Again, it is not too hard of a class but his personality is dreadful.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 05/20/2013
I was so scared this was going to be the hardest Family Science class ever, but it turned out to be one of my favorites. Dr. Shenassa is a great professor and really just wants all of his students to do well in the class. He expects everyone to come to class prepared and doing the readings before class makes lecture a little easier to follow. He offers bonus points throughout the whole semester that can help make a difference in your grade, but you need to go to class and pay attention. He's a really nice person so don't let the first couple of classes intimidate you.

Expecting a B
ecompson 05/24/2011
He will try to scare the shit out of you the first day of class and tell you this is THE hardest class you will ever take at UMD. He is just trying to weed out those who will do the work from those who won't. You'll learn a lot in this class, and it's not really as hard as he makes it out to be. As long as you read before every class you'll seriously be fine. There is one group paper, like 4-5 pages and a presentation at the end of the semester. He calls on people randomly in class, which is why you need to read beforehand. He has a sense of humor once you get to know him and there are LOTS of opportunities for bonus points, which will really help your grade. Don't let him scare you into dropping the class the first day!