Sue Sherburne

This professor has taught: COMM107
Information Review
Sue Sherburne

Expecting an A-
Grades Prospectus: C Why a C despite me getting an A-? At the risk of sounding entitled I really feel like I should not have gotten this A-. Prof. Sherburne will take off points on assignments without particularly expressing why, except for somewhat vague comments on rubrics. For many instances though she simply won't give a rubric or feedback at all on certain large assignments which can be quite infuriating. She is also the type of prof that seemingly follows the mentality of avoiding ever giving A+'s instead always taking a point off here or there to promote "improvement". While this class isn't hard to get an A- in, getting above an A- is seemingly difficult and also feels quite unfair for effort to reward ratio. Rant aside this course has easy weekly quizzes that you can cntrl F and skip the textbook reading. Majority of the grade comes from speeches and misc assignments which are not hard to get a B+/A- avg if work is put in, however as mentioned above it's tough to get anything higher Enjoyability Prospectus: C (YMMV) Yeah it's comm. It's necessary but it's like listening to someone try and teach you how to count to 10. Much of the course is common sense and while you may learn a few useful presentation and speaking skills, those are mostly juts basic ideas you could've learned in a 30 minute session. Prof. Sherburne does an alright job at trying to make the content interactive instead of just teaching off PPT's (No PPT's in this course!) which is rather nice, but the overall subject matter is just quite boring / feels useless. Overall this course is a necessary boredom to take due to the oral comm requirement. I do not recommend this course nor prof however as both were just "eh". If you can I'd probably either take COMM107 with a different prof, or just take a more interesting Oral Comm class.