Gerry Strumpf

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This professor has taught: COMM107, EDUC388, EDUC388U, UNIV100

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Expecting an A+
Anonymous 12/17/2018
I feel like you can't help but love Gerry's class. Yeah, she may be a bit crazy, but she is warm, caring, and clearly passionate about her subject. Although she grades a bit tougher that one would expect, she is more than willing to work with you to improve. Take this class if you want an entertaining hour fifteen every other day. Highly recommend.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 12/15/2018
If you're a natural public speaker, this class is an easy A. Otherwise, Gerry does a great job of preparing you for the speeches you will give. A bunch of online quizzes (open book), no exams, a couple speeches, and one group project. Lectures require participation. Not the right teacher for quiet students... Highly recommend!!

Anonymous 12/24/2013
Best teacher. So kind, yet also a fair grader. Oddly felt at home in her classroom.

Expecting a a
jmcgrat1 11/21/2013
Gerry Strumpf is a seriously adorable southern woman that can be put off track easily and tells story after story in class. We hardly took notes, and I never opened the book. That being said, she is a strangely hard grader for her teaching style. The class was laid back and fun, and I genuinely enjoyed being in class. It is an easy A if you take your speeches seriously (which I didn't at first). She is such a kind woman and she made COMM107 bearable. I would definitely recommend her.

Expecting an A-
notqualified 01/31/2009
I'm kind of embarassed that I got an A minus at the end of this class because it was seriously easy, although she's a surprisingly tough grader. But she's pretty lenient and caring and nice person. If you're looking for an A in comm, take her. If you're looking to learn about public speaking, take her. If you're looking to skip class, don't take her she takes it seriously(totally the reason why I got the minus).