Meridith Styer

This professor has taught: COMM107, COMM200, COMM330, COMM360, COMM401
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Meridith Styer

Expecting an A
Stay as far away from her as possible! Her mental state is volatile at best; anger mgt issues; expects everyone to agree with her man-hating warped views that she tells inappropriately. When classes were delayed bc of weather, a commuter kid quietly walked in about 5 min late and sat silently in the back of the room. When Meridith got mad when no one volunteered to read their report (prob bc she skewers them), this kid quietly raised his hand. She flipped out at him bc he "dared to think" he would be called on when he was already given a 0 for the assignment bc he "disrupted" class by walking in late. How about: glad you made it ... Sorry to hear your car was hit on the way in. Hope you're ok.