Anna Szczepaniec-Bialas

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This professor has taught: ENGL297, ENGL391, ENGL394

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Expecting a B-
Anonymous 11/16/2018
Terrible experience. Class time is wasted going over random things and just going on tangents. She has no grade breakdown so it feels as though she just bases grades on who her favorites are. I am average at English and was struggling to get a B just because she seemed to not like me as much as others. She is rude to her students and told another student that compared to my writing she was doing not recommend taking her

Expecting a B-
Anonymous 11/05/2018
Terrible teacher. She's practically incoherent during lecture. She has no grade breakdown and can't even explain where points came off if you ask. I haven't learned anything in over 9 weeks over taking this course. She obviously favors the few students who talk to her after class the most and take multiple courses with her (she also teaches business writing and does work in the professional writing department with interested students).