Suresh Tonwar

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This professor has taught: PHYS103, PHYS115, PHYS161, PHYS174, PHYS375

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Expecting a C
Anonymous 01/12/2015
Suresh Tonwar is terrible. He speaks terrible english, and he is not very good at answering questions. His lectures are not organized at all, and he only does some parts of some problems. His exams are nothing like his discussion sections, practice problems, or homeworks. They are totally random. It was very hard to study for his exams because his questions were out of the blue and random. If there are other teachers take them.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/25/2011
Very easy lab to go with PHYS106 - Tonwar usually doesn't answer many questions (his TA does) during labs but ask nicely and he'll either tell you what to do or tell you the answer. Labs can be a little on the long side but the TA let us leave whenever we finished (on average about 30 min or so early). Take the lab with a friend because you do labs as a group. Labs were not hard at all, just time consuming - overall a good class, worth the 1 credit.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/20/2008
Communication between professor and students is minimal but he answers questions if asks but is sometimes hard to understand. However, the labs are sometimes long but not to difficult and are graded pretty easily. The TA and professor will tell you the answer to a question if you ask. Worth it.