Sennur Ulukus

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Average rating: 4.50

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/10/2020
One of the very very very few professors that know how to TEACH!

Expecting a B-
Anonymous 05/28/2019
Most of the time her midterms/class content are straightforward and Dr. Ulukus is very approachable...even though her quizzes are all over the place.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/23/2015
This class was difficult because the workload was higher than my other classes. There are weekly quizzes that are graded out of 20 points, but you get 10 points for just showing up to take them. There are also weekly homeworks that can be time consuming and can be more in depth than the textbook or her lectures go into. The homework and quizzes make up 20% of your final grade, and the other 80% are three exams and the final. The finals are most represented by the quizzes, so make sure to at least understand those. This class can seem intimidating because the content is difficult, but her teaching style is very straightforward and her exams were not surprising.

mdterp12 11/02/2011
Good professor. Took her for 324 and now again for 420. Good, coherent lectures. HW is not excessively long, though can be tough - just a characteristic of the material being innately tough. Fair tests. Dry humor to keep lectures interesting. Definitely recommend this professor.