Colleen Vacelet

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Average rating: 3.67

This professor has taught: LARC121, LARC160

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Expecting an A+
Anonymous 01/21/2021
Took it in 2020 with her. There were videos available to review as well as the PowerPoint she would use during the lecture so make use of every resource available. Exams were straightforward and easy to fail if you don't take notes during lectures and on the PowerPoint. There are readings, but whether or not you.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 06/21/2020
This class was easy enough, but Colleen was very rude and unhelpful over email (made worse by the fact that I took this as an online class). She said she would have office hours every day, but that ended after the first week, and the one time I scheduled to meet with her, she cancelled right before and then stopped responding to my emails. Fine class; not fine professor.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 03/17/2019
Colleen was very professional and helpful throughout the course. There were daily assigned readings (some were up to ~80 pages), but don't let that scare you! The lecture slides summarize the readings to help with the midterm and final exam. Just be sure to take notes and pay attention to what is taught in class, because the material is really interesting and Colleen really makes the subject stick with you in the future with her multiple examples and campus tours.