Chunsheng Wang

This professor has taught: CHBE301, CHBE437, CHBE473, CHBE673, CHEM648K, EDSP652, ENCH437, ENCH648, ENCH648K, ENCH898, ENMA489C, GEMS397, GEMS496, GEMS497
Information Review
Chunsheng Wang

I wish he covered the material in a more engaging way. I was unable to follow his lectures and thus decided to learn the material using the slides from home when possible. Sometimes the slides are poorly organized and require research from other sources, but sometimes they are well organized and complete, but it may take some reading from other sources to realize this. The main redeeming feature of this courses is the relatively low workload and inflated grades. Make sure to attend lectures when he's not there because you'll be sure to learn something from the substitute teachers. Its like all the content is sometime on the slides, but its really up to the presenter to teach how to interpret the graphs, crystal structures, diffusion patterns, etc. His voice is strangely relaxing, calm and tonal; unfortunately its these qualities and not the content that seem relevant during class.