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Expecting a B
Anonymous 01/05/2013
Honestly, one of the most boring classes I have ever taken. I took this class as an elective/easy A, and ended up with a B+ in the class. There is a HUGE communication barrier between Min Wang and her students. For Instance, on our exam one of the questions stated to "list" an answer, but we all got points taken off because she wanted us to "list and define." If you can find another elective, take that class. I would not recommend this class unless it's required for your major.

Expecting a B+
naddiepie3 12/12/2012
Class is made up of: 2 midterm exams 2 papers (1 5-page paper on a CYC visit, 1 8-page Case study where you create a research project on a child you must find like a relative) 1 presentation on your case study 4 concept maps & 4 video clips (these are easy but you pretty much have one every week) It was an easy class but I thought the exams were hard because Im not an education/psychology major, Im not used to memorizing (Im an econ major so I do math) , and half the exam was written on definitions and exams of the terms. But the multiple choice was not too bad. all the busy work (homework once a week, both papers, presentation) was super easy got 100% but that exam brought me down =( It was probably cuz I never paid attention in class. She is so boring to listen to. Also she does take attendance.

Expecting a a
Anonymous 04/23/2010
she is a very nice professor, however her lectures are so boring. she assigns concept maps to do each week which is just like busy work but they are easy grades. she is sometimes hard to understand with her accent, it can be really annoying to try and listen to her talk when you cant understand her. she is a very fair grader and also will help you in anyway if you ask for it.