Jennifer Wessel

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Average rating: 5.00

This professor has taught: PSYC221, PSYC361, PSYC789, PSYC798O

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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 04/30/2019
An amazing professor, definitely one of my favorites at UMD. She explains concepts in a very understandable way and is very approachable if you have questions. She does a great job at facilitating conversations in lecture and discussion. Her exams are very straightforward and if you study her guided lecture notes and do the practice problems provided, it's hard not to get a good grade.

Anonymous 03/14/2019
She didn't require a textbook for the class and taught concepts very well. Her teaching was really thorough and easy to understand. Her exams are easy and for psyc221 it was exactly based on her guided lecture notes. She drops one grade per category including exams. I'd say she is an excellent professor.