Kendall Williams

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/15/2018
Writes definitions slowly on the board, word for word, from the book. This frustrated me at first, but once I got used to it, I started enjoying his class. He is very fair and friendly. He doesn't curve his H levels but he does drop your two lowest quiz/hw grades, and he gives you a 4.0 for 90%, 3.0 for 80%, etc. If you do your reading and suggested problems, you should have no problem getting an A. Take the H level; he says it's just a smaller class to him, so it's the same difficulty as lecture, but with 30 people instead of 200.

Anonymous 12/03/2018
Pretty good lectures, incredibly difficult exams

Expecting a B
Anonymous 10/21/2018
His lectures are good, and I learned a lot and understand all his concepts. However, I often am not taught how to apply these and that is what the tests are all about, and there’s no test bank on which I can practice from.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/28/2018
Great lecturer, explains topics in a casual manner. His exams are hard but fair.