Ke Xue

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This professor has taught: MATH110, MATH113, MATH140, MATH241

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Expecting a B+
Anonymous 12/26/2018
Great instructor, if you put a LOT of time in the class (which was easier for me since I took his class over the summer). He's very helpful at office hours, can explain concepts well, and can go over examples/scenarios of certain problems which really helped me do well on the exams. Do practice as much as you can though because that's the only way this course will run smoothly for you. I slacked and got a 50 something on my first exam, but once I got into really practicing everything until I understood it, did his recommended homework problems and asked him questions at office hours, I was able to do way better on the other exams and pull a B+ in the class (no curve or anything). However I did take this course in the summer though, and before that, my friends told me he was an amazing TA for when they took Calc 1 so I was slightly more at ease going into the summer term. Highly recommend because he does want you to succeed, but only if you're willing to put in the work, so use him to your advantage! He's there to help :)

Expecting a C
Anonymous 12/14/2018
Doesn't really prepare you for the final, avg was bellow 75%. talks about how other majors aren't real. very spazzy