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Information Review

Anonymous 07/09/2018
To be honest, this class was extremely stressful for me: there were ridiculous amounts of readings, at one point in time there were quizzes nearly every class for several weeks, and grading was very brutal. This class was three credits but it felt like the work of a six credit class. One thing that annoyed me about this class was the number of readings that were posted online (in addition to the textbook readings) that we were required to bring to class... one reading was over 60 pages front and back. It would be one thing if we just had to read it, but the fact that we also had to print it out was too much.. Thankfully I had my own printer, but I had to purchase way more ink and printer paper than I normally needed to. Also, there were native Japanese speakers in this course so this class was an easy A for them. I don't think that was fair, especially considering that other departments like Spanish and Chinese have separate classes for heritage/native speakers. That being said, I still think Yotsukura-sensei is a great professor. I've never had an issue with contacting her or setting up office hours appointments. My grade in this course wasn't great, but I did learn a lot from this class. One thing is for sure, she cares about her students.